Papua New Guinea Highlands Plantation

$ 13.00

Amuliba was originally planted and cultivated by colonialists, but following PNG’s independence in 1975, many of the plantation titles were transferred to local tribes. The Tsekaka clan, consisting of 48 shareholders, took over ownership and management of these plantations and wet-mills in the Waghi valley. The valley is considered to be one of the earliest agricultural developments in our history.

Look for hints of caramel and milk chocolate, with an underlying lemony brightness.

12 ounce bag, whole bean.

Recommended for French Press, Pour-over.

  • Eastern Highlands, Amuliba, North Waghi, Jiwaka Province
  • Washed, sun-dried
  • Grown at 1,450-1,600 meters
  • Typica, Bourbon

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