about assembly

Assembly Coffee Roasters was designed to be a true micro-roastery, roasting specialty coffees for wholesale clients and for our own webstore in small batches.

 Working in micro-batches gives ACR the flexibility to work with our clients on creating custom blends suited to enhance the experience of their customers.  We reject the trend of making specialty coffee unapproachable, and to this end we will share the benefit of our experience and expertise, offering classes and training for our clients’ staffs.

Assembly Coffee Roasters was founded by Julia and Thomas Doyle in the hope of creating a lasting experience for residents and visitors here in enchanting Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Formerly, Julia was a partner at DCR in New York City, a commercial contracting company that designed and built many of New York City’s finest dining establishments.  Favoring clean lines and a touch of Asian aesthetic, DCR is truly at the forefront of modern restaurant and café design.

Thomas was formerly the Head Roaster and Operations Manager at the industry-leading Blue Bottle Coffee, where he was responsible for all things associated with the sourcing, roasting, and distributing coffee; quality control; and development of new blends both in San Francisco and Brooklyn, NY.  The couple relocated to The Berkshires in 2011.

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