Decaf Colombia

$ 14.00

Decaf coffees tend to get a bad rap. Historically, growers would send coffee beans that don’t quite meet quality control standards to be chemically treated to remove the caffeine from the surface of the bean. But this method of doing business is changing.

The importers with whom we partner source a mixed variety of high quality coffee to decaffeinate in small amounts. In this instance, they have taken a couple of high-grade Colombian coffees and sent them for decaffeination via a proprietary water process. In this process, the oils are stripped form the surface of the bean using pressurized water, the caffeine molecules are filtered out from the oils, and the coffee is soaked in its oils less the caffeine.

Caramel, mild orange, creamy.

12 ounce bag, whole bean.

Recommended for espresso, French Press, pour-over.

  • Colombia
  • Royal Select Decaf Process
  • Mixed Varietals

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