Papua New Guinea Nebilyer Valley

$ 12.00

Papua New Guinea’s Nebilyer Valley is at the heart of a region that has historically been ravaged by tribal warfare. But in the 1930s, processing mills were established to buy coffee from indigenous farmers and help keep the peace via economic equality. The Korgua wet mill acts as a sort of private co-op, offering financial incentive to cultivate beautiful coffees in addition to acting as a physical buffer zone between warring tribes.

This coffee is deeply satisfying in a French Press; enjoyable without being demanding or finicky.

Milk chocolate, orange, plum.

12 ounce bag, whole bean.

Recommended for French Press, pour-over.

  • Grown at 1,350 meters
  • Fully washed, Sun-dried
  • Bourbon and Typica varietals
  • From Nebilyer Valley, Papua New Guinea, Korgua wet mill

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