Sumatra Mandheling

$ 12.00

Owing to their general ubiquity, it’s rare that we put an Indonesian coffee on our offerings list. But we came across this Mandheling that we got pretty excited about. It’s grown in Central Tanapuli, in North Sumatra bordering Aceh. At a City + roast level, it is less chocolaty than many coffees from the region. Instead, it is pleasantly herbal with some hints of caramel and licorice, but it retains the heavy body for which Sumatran coffees are known.

 Sweet, caramel, licorice, with an herbal aftertaste.

12 ounce bag, whole bean.

 Recommended for French Press, pour-over.

  • Tanapuli, North Sumatra
  • Wet-hulled processing
  • Typica, Garundang
  • Grown at 1,100 – 1,600 meters


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